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Wedding Planners in Mumbai, India

Wedding Planners for Niddhi & Binoy's Engagement during COVID-19

We are the best wedding planners in Mumbai, India specialised in creating memorable celebrations that exceed every expectation and with our creative approach, we ensure each wedding that we plan and execute has to be truly meaningful and must reflect you on your special day. Our team is composed of wedding experts who turn your wedding into a million-dollar event without the price tag. FB Celebrations has been styling some of India's most exotically beautiful weddings with an extensive focus on planning luxurious weddings, design, and wedding management services. We are the top destination wedding planner in Mumbai, India providing wedding destinations across India and abroad, having executed some of the most sophisticated, royal, and modern weddings by creating WOW elements, making your guest amazed.

Upon working extensively as the top wedding planners in Mumbai, India, we collaborate with some of the world's exceptional event suppliers to quantitatively meet the standards of the service that you on your wedding day expect us to deliver. We entirely focus on creating superior experiences without compromising on quality. The team at FB Celebrations is well aware that outstanding wedding events and design is only one side of the story for making your celebration a success; we even understand that the second part is largely about taking care of people and for that reason, we operate by keeping all your guests in our mind all the time during the wedding days!

When it comes to luxury weddings, we are the top wedding planners in Mumbai by bringing in a wealth of experience, creativity, and wedding concepts with unforgettable memories. Our wedding experts know the importance of the essence of Indian culture in your big day, through a selection of traditional and rich destination wedding planning in India and abroad.

Imagine waking up on your wedding day, feeling completely eager and excited. Everything for the wedding is incredibly organized and you simply can't wait to see everything live. Your friends and family are all fanatical and ready together to celebrate your wedding with absolute peace of mind for everyone, and yes, this is all it, the day you are getting married the way how you always pictured it. There's a long list of tasks covering almost all the aspects of your wedding that are taken care of by our team so that you could keep the big fat smile on your face just like you should be on your big day with FB Celebrations - the top wedding planners in Mumbai! This is how you can picture your wedding day with us.

One of the most crucial parts nowadays is something we completely understand that couples want their weddings to be special in a way and that’s not only by the consequential joy it brings on the wedding day but also by the destination that is selected has to be something that creates memories for you and your guests for a lifetime. If you have always dreamt of fairytale weddings with forts, palaces, lush gardens with a unique breeze and sand dune. Then we are the right wedding planners in Mumbai, India for your exotic weddings with tropical decors and arrangements.

We indeed are actually the connoisseur in planning destination weddings in India and abroad, for that reason, we bring a perfect set of arrangements for you that really makes it a beautiful deal for you and your family. At FB Celebrations, we have been crafting destination weddings for amazing couples and it’s a tremendous joy as we plan and design customized weddings events across some of the most exotic locations in India and abroad covering the most beautiful cities that will bring your dream wedding to life.

All weddings at FB Celebrations are fabricated by two of the leaders in the Indian wedding industry - The curators of happy moments, the creative geniuses, the founders of FB Celebrations, Mr. Farid, and Mr. Bhavnesh. Both of them are the most prominent wedding planners in India with over 15 years of progressive experience in the field, and have designed some of the biggest and most lavish and luxurious weddings of all time. The two are very well known for crafting not just the event but also the experience that the attendees sense during the wedding days. Team FB celebrations, under these industry stalwarts have brought to life several weddings across the world including few of the most recognizable destination weddings in Mumbai, India and abroad, that people have ever attended.

They understand how design affects more than ambiance, how luxury can make things more remarkable, and how when all the elements are combined correctly can create the perfect guest experience that includes the ideation of flow and right services. The two are known for collaborating with some of the best vendors around the world to create fresh, beautiful and one-of-a-kind weddings for special couples.

The exact range of services we offer at FB Celebrations encompasses supervision which includes management of venue booking, wedding decor, wedding planning, guest management, vendor sourcing, and all the crucial elements that are needed in between to make the wedding perfectly complete. Throughout the entire ceremony, dedicated planners will coordinate with you from start to end with their exceptional creativity and expertise for creating an event that has your best interest at heart.

Once you appoint FB Celebrations as your wedding planner, you set your mind free from all the planning and execution for the wedding days. We are known by our clients as problem solvers with a strategic and innovative plan that drives every event through excellence. Whether you have planned a wedding in your home town or somewhere outside your city in India or abroad, FB Celebrations can effectively turn your vision into an ultimate reality on your wedding day just how we have done it for 100s of couples since our inception.

Our expertise, capabilities, and practical knowledge in the arena of luxurious, cultural, and destination weddings is something that makes us extremely different from other wedding planners in Mumbai, India.

If you are looking to make your wedding the most perfect event of your life, allow FB Celebrations to put together all the vital elements in place, and make it really happen for you on your wedding days!

Let us plan to wed you perfect!

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